Wood Panelling

We are able to create wood panelling using solid and veneered mouldings creating a real wood panel. This can then be stained to a tone that suits or just varnished if a natural finish is required.

Wood veneer panelling wall can be designed in any shape or size and we can bookmatch the wall panel to create a seamless wood wall effect and each wall panel will generate its own beauty. 

Our Oak & Walnut veneered wall panels can be perfect for giving a wall a clean, modern feel and the selection of veneers available offer a wealth of choice in creating a stylish panelling feature to any room and can be designed in our Heritage range.

All our Oak panels are made from American White Oak (Quercus alba)  which Colour light yellowy brown. Straight grained with a medium to coarse texture. It is used mainly for: Furniture and cabinet making, joinery, office furniture, boat building, panelling, flooring and stains and polishes to an excellent finish. All products are sourced in accordance with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) who monitor all appropriate forest management.  American White Oak can be supplied in both solid and real wood veneer mouldings.

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The real wood veneer is applied giving you a unique opportunity to work with some of the most beautiful and exotic woods in the world, creating the most elegant of wood panelling.

 [Walnut veneered wood panels]  

If you are looking for more of a contemporary wood panel, we can offer our bespoke Artizo range

Artizo wall panels are ideal for modern living and are also popular in offices, showrooms & bars.

[American Walnut veneer wood panelling with Bi-fold door section for plasma]

Some timbers are simply unstable in lumber form, so by using a veneer finish with an MDF panel, the wall panel movement is kept under control by the adhesive and substrate.

 Even the most unruly woods can be sliced into veneer and used to make a stunning, yet stable wood panels.

Due to the way we manufacture our wood wall panelling, you can feel assured that your panels will not warp or crack and will be extremely durable.

The veneer panelling is not only naturally beautiful, it also allows you to oil or varnish the panels if you so desire.


 Wooden Wall Panels

We aim to deliver and install wall panelling of the highest standard and we hope The Wall Panelling Company will be your first choice when thinking of your oak and Walnut panelling needs.

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