Oak Wall Panels

We will construct your panelling on site, from our range of Oak panel mouldings, so any thickness any height and any width. We will measure and assist on the design, including any oak veneer radiator cabinets, bookshelves, or secret doors.

Oak Wall Panels from The Wall Panelling Company

The beauty of veneered oak wall panels will enhance any home, it’s no wonder oak has been used in homes for centuries.

All our products and veneers are from sustainable sources, so you can be sure, that we can still be enjoying this wood for many years to come. Click here to see our Oak Panelling video

We use an American White Oak Veneer for our Wall Panels, this allows for the finish of your choice, whether you prefer a light or a dark stain the grain of the veneer will always enhance any room.

Our panelling is handcrafted in your home and fitted directly on to the wall, this is achieved by using our quality panelling mouldings and products. Our panelling is slim and exquisite and our mouldings can even be used with your existing skirting boards and dado rails!

Our designs included wood wall panelling, veneered oak wall panels, painted panelling, all our mouldings can be designed to fit any shape or size wall. All our Panelling work is fitted in your home, so it will always be the perfect fit and we can ensure all our mouldings will be scribed, cut and mitred and detailed exactly to fit your home perfectly. We can also supply our products for you to fit.

So feel free to e-mail or call for a chat and discuss your wall panelling ideas. Our technical team are always available and we are happy to offer a free quote for supplying or fitting your wall panels.

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