Tongue and Groove

The Wall Panelling Company can offer bespoke Tongue and Groove panelling with a Reed & Bead Design.

Tongue and Groove with Reed and Bead detail Pine 14 mm thick planks

Available in 4 Plank Sizes:

  • 67 mm 
  • 94 mm 
  • 116 mm
  • 144 mm 
  • Sizes available in Pine & Oak

Plus: Ideal Dado rail  and Skirting board for tongue & groove wall panels

New: 18 mm Rebated Dado Shelf (55 mm)

Skirting: 15 mm Ridged top Skirting Board 200mm – 100 mm tall

For our four sizes of panelling we use a 14 mm thick panel with a distinctive v groove and sculptured bead, just to add detail.

The sizes can be mixed or matched, depending on the finish you are looking to create. We can also supply our Reed & Bead slats in Solid American White Oak. By fitting individual planks you can also create some great mix of colours such as mixed stains or candy stripes, just remember to paint it before fitting!

Planks Vary in lengths from 2.4 – 5.2 metres

Reed & Bead, Tongue & Groove, Pine Planks 94 mm Pink & White Mix

Reed & Bead is the decorative design on the front of the plank. The Reed is the bevel edge and the Bead is the pencil shape detail.

67 mm Reed and Bead Pine Plank

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