T&G Wall Planks

The Wall Panelling Company can offer bespoke T&G Wall Planks.

Reed & Bead Designed Planks With Tongue and Groove fitting
Reed And Bead Office Feature Wall Tongue and Groove Planks

T&G Wall Planks

For the most traditional forms of covering a wall with wood, you will discover terms such as T&G Wall Planks, or Butt & Bead and even wainscoting, describing usually pine planks with a tongue on one side and a groove on the other to create a simple fixing in whatever height and width you require. This style of panelling is popular in rooms that require a batten to the wall to create depth and hide many secrets such as ugly pipes or fragmented plaster.

For our four sizes of panelling we use a 14 mm thick panel with a distinctive v groove and sculptured bead, just to add detail. The three sizes can be mixed or matched, depending on the finish you are looking to create. We can also supply our Reed & Bead slats in Solid American White Oak. By fitting individual planks you can also create some great mix of colours such as mixed stains or candy stripes, just remember to paint it before fitting!

T&G Wall Planks

Our Reed & Bead planks are available in 14 mm thick planks produced in 4 varying widths, which can be used as one design or plank sizes can be mixed as the thickness remains the same. 

Each plank is design with a tongue  (4mm) and each plank has a groove cut into the edge making not only a secure join but a joint that will allow for expansion and contraction.

When fitted together, the tongue and of one piece and the groove of the other will create a strong, flush joint.

The quality of the timber will make a big difference to the finish and thinner planks will be liable to warp over time.

We have also designed a beautiful skirting, replicating the reed & bead design, complimenting perfectly and giving your panelling an aesthetic appeal.

Our skirting also has a 15mm ridge top which allows the planks to be fitted to the top eradicating those unsightly mastic or caulk fillers which always crack and hold dirt over the years.


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