Dado Rail Moulding

The Wall Panelling Company can offer bespoke dado rails for panelling with special rebates, designed to make panelling easy. Available in Pine and Oak.

We offer Rebated Dado Rail mouldings for Wall Panelling in different rebated sizes. Rebates include. 9mm 20mm and 30 mm and are our most popular rebate sizes. panelling with the perfect top rail.

9 mm Rebated Dao Rail

The Wall Panelling Company  offering  bespoke dado rails

Rebated Dado Rails 9mm 18 mm 20 mm 30 mm

Available in 3 easy to fit Sizes:

  • 9 mm rebated dado available
  • 32 mm (including 9 mm rebate) x 28 mm 
  • 20 mm rebated dado available
  • 44 mm (including 20 mm rebate) x 28 mm
  • 30 mm rebated dado available
  • 56 mm (including 30 mm rebate) x 32 mm
  • Sizes available in Pine & Oak

Ideal Dado rail for tongue & groove wall panels


New: 18 mm Rebated Dado Shelf (55 mm)

Rebated Dado Rail

An ideal bespoke rebated dado rail, designed to allow to fit over wall panels or read & bead panelling.

This product can be supplied in quality redwood pine or oak. Our products are packaged and delivered to your door normally within 2 working days! Sold by the Linear Metre, discounts applied for orders over 35 Linear Metres.

Helpful hint if your rebated dado rail is larger than your door architraves, mitre a small piece of rebated moulding to create the above effect, commonly referred to as an end stop or reverse mitre detail.

Dado rail is a modern term for what was traditionally called a chair rail moulding, the moulding was fitted usually 1 metre high, to protect expensive wall paper and panelling and would always protrude, preventing the wall from being damaged if a chair was pushed or leaned against the wall!

The main purpose of a dado rail is to protect the lower portion of the wall from potential damage caused by furniture, such as chairs or tables. Its placement helps to prevent scuffs, scratches, and dents that can occur when furniture is pushed or moved against the wall. This makes dado rails particularly useful in dining rooms or other areas where furniture is frequently used and moved around. Also known as a chair rail as it is a protector for a chair being pushed against a wall with an ornate embellishment.

Aside from its protective function, dado rails also serve as a decorative element that can enhance the overall aesthetic of a room. Especially designed to fit as a rebated dado rail our range of dado rails are made in 3 rebated sizes: 9mm, 20mm & 30mm.