Our Heritage range is a classic wall panel design of Stiles & Rails, Complemented with a traditional inset Panel Mould. Made to measure in small, medium or large wall panel designs.

Entrance Hallway Victorian Property with Floor Tiles and Heritage Panelling Mouldings

Welcome to The Wall Panelling Company, we have been one of the UK’s leading companies supplying and installing wall panels, for the last decade!

We have been making wall panelling not only simpler to create and more affordable, we believe we have helped this unique form of decorating see a revival to the dizzy heights it deserves.

By using our selection of mouldings it is possible to design wall panels any height and any width. A bespoke solution to making  wall panels.

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Heritage Panelling Mouldings on Staircase Wall Panels for Stairs

Heritage Panels also known as our Victorian range our timeless design is also our most popular!

Heritage Panelling recaptures the style of the Victorian era, embellished decorative mouldings, make a full wall covering. This design will also enhance any style of home.

Every panel sculptured to enhance any wall, with a raised & fielded centre, designed to create the perfect panelling on any wall in any room. Ready to paint in the colour of your choice.

Renaissance Panelling recaptures the style of the Georgian era, embellished decorative mouldings, panelled doors and rectangular windows. Georgian wall panels require symmetry and classic rules of regularity, perfectly square and conforming to a regular design.

Artizo contemporary wood wall panelling. Made from hand selected quality real wood veneers, stiched & pressed to book match the grain, balanced, then coated with 3 coats of protective UV Cured lacquer.

Artizo panels are designed to give a contemporary wall a unique feature and are most popular in both Oak and walnut veneers.


Creating the geometric classic design, in any size. New England Chic or Tudor glory, this simplistic design of stiles & Rails, will compliment any home.

Shaker style design panelling is synonymous with the Arts & Craft movement led by William Morris in the late nineteenth century; their ethos was simplicity, a panel segment that was
plain and did not feature any decorative mouldings and finished in a
classic paint finish.

Wall Panels Shaker Panelled Wall

Classic styling to maximise the best look for the smallest amount of money. Interlocking Tongue and Groove panels in Solid Pine or Oak wood planks can transform any wall.
Our Exclusive Reed & Bead Design.