Boiserie Mouldings

The Wall Panelling Company can offer bespoke panelling mouldings for all walls.

Our clients James and Ola Jordan talk about how we installed Double Boiserie mouldings in their home.

We can offer our mouldings to be purchased throughout the UK and delivered to your door. We can also offer an installation service subject to location.

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Double Boiserie Mouldings:

Because our Boiserie mouldings are designed to compliment each other you can use them in any combination and they will work perfectly.

The choices are endless, but you can use them as a popular dado rail and panel frame or you can use a double up technique which uses the wider moulding as the outer panel frame and the smaller panel moulding as the inner frame.

To use this method the walls are required to be of a good condition as they will form your painted base. 

Planting on mouldings directly onto the wall has become very popular in the last few years as it is the quicker than most panelling, it looks amazing and most importantly it is budget friendly. 


Using our bespoke wall panelling mouldings you can transform any room.