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Our mouldings and designs are unique: especially tooled mouldings replicate traditional beads and dado/chair rails that have been replicated from designs that would have been used over 100 years ago. These mouldings form the integral substance of the design and are not available anywhere else.

Fitting requires an eye for detail and we expect a high standard from our carpentry teams, whilst being armed with the latest tools to do the job we expect so much more. An all round level of attention to detail, from the mitres to the respect and standards we expect whilst working for any client, in any workplace or home.

Quality products fitted by a dedicated team of craftsman, value for money, outstanding service and a quality finish.

Lastly we have a large client database and they are all happy customers: We work for a range of clients including Architects and interior designers, we offer the same level of service to everyone and aim to achieve 100% satisfaction. We update our website on a regular basis and offer comments from our most recent customers as we feel these will be of most relevance.

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