Radiator Cabinet Blackout

Radiator Blackout Fabric Lightweight to let the heat out flame retardant for safety. Special Offer £12.99 per sq metre, including VAT & Delivery.

A before after look at a radiator grille being blacked out to hide the outline of the radiator.

Radiator Cover with Blackout Fabric

Radiator Blackout Grille

Radiator Cabinet Blackout

The Wall Panelling Company can offer blackout fabric for radiator Cabinets.

Even if you have a radiator cabinet made, most grilles will be designed to allow the optimum amount of heat to pass through, this normally means a gap which sometimes allow you to still see the radiator you are trying to cover.

We have sourced a specially designed flameproof blackout fabric which can be fitted in minutes, for just £12.99 per sq metre, this is a limited time special offer.

The fabric can be easily fitted by using a staple gun or pin tacks. Covers the view from the outside whilst still allowing the heat to escape.


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