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Medite Panels


Developed for the 21st Century 




Medite MR is a moisture resistant panel and is used as a substitute for softwoods and hardwoods

and as a panel product in non-stressed applications. 


It is successfully used for kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, architectural mouldings, skirting boards,

architraves, window boards, flooring and general interior joinery. 


The recommended coating system for the edges is to seal, prime and topcoat with de-nibbing in between

coats to produce a smooth finish. The desired finish on the face can be achieved by application of a

base-coat and top-coat. If water-based coatings are used, it is important that forced drying or quick-drying

systems be applied in order to maintain the quality of surface. 



Medite MR is distinguishable by its green identification colouring. 


Medite MR is suitable for interior conditions and  manufactured in accordance with EN 622, part 5.        


Medite MR is expected to achieve a fire class rating of Euro Class D within the European classifications.  


Medite MR is manufactured under an NSAI registered I.S. EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. 


Developed for the 21st Century 

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